Asbestos Awareness £35 - Training Plus - Health & Safety Courses
Duration: 30 Minutes - £35 per course Certificate of Competence

Course Summary

The aim of this course is to make you aware of the main safety issues concerning asbestos and working with asbestos-containing materials.

You’ll explore the hazards associated with working with and removing asbestos-containing materials. You will also find out why it is vital to be aware of the regulations and procedures regarding asbestos.

• Identify what asbestos is
• Recognise types and properties of asbestos
• Identify the dangers of asbestos
• Explain why asbestos regulations and guidance are in place
• Identify the responsibilities of employers
• Identify where asbestos can be found in the oil and gas industry
• Identify those at risk of exposure
• Identify the steps you must take if asbestos is encountered
• Identify the risks from asbestos
• Identify who should be responsible for carrying out asbestos-related work
• Identify the Personal Protective Equipment that must be worn when handling or disturbing asbestos-containing materials
• Explain the process that must be followed when removing and handling products containing asbestos
• Identify the steps that must be taken to safely dispose of asbestos waste

Upon a successful pass, you will be issued with a Printable Certificate of Competence valid for 1 Year.