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Half day CSCS Certificate

Course Summary

The CSCS training course is to provide job hunters in the construction industry with the CSCS card. In order to access most UK construction sites, you must hold a CSCS card to prove you have the necessary skills needed to work on the construction site. To obtain the CSCS card, you must firstly pass the Health, Safety and Environment Test.

The CSCS course is a PC based touch screen test. On a wide range of health and safety topics, the CSCS test will determine your knowledge, improving productivity on site.

You will take a short theory test lasting approximately 45 minutes. The questions in the test are multiple choice and a pass mark of 80% is required. Candidates must study the Health, Safety and Environment Test Book (Ref GT100/12) before sitting the test. This can be purchased from any good book store. Successful completion of the CSCS test will entitle you to a CSCS certificate valid for two years.

Who is it for?

Candidates who are looking for a job within the construction industry would benefit from this course. The CSCS card is a much needed card which most employers within the construction industry look for. It will show you have the right set of skills to work on site. Employers are becoming more demanding about employees having a CSCS card so if you would like to progress in construction, this course is highly recommended.

You will need

No safety equipment is required in order to take the CSCS training course.

Your skill level

In order to apply for a CSCS card, you must prove you are competent in carrying out your job. Depending on the type of work you do, how experienced you are and the qualifications you have will determine which CSCS card you should apply for. In order to apply for the CSCS card, you must first of all pass the Health and Safety Environment Test. There are different types of test, to find out which one is right for you, enquire online today or speak to a member of our team on 0845 872 3411. Please ensure you have a credit or debit card available and your current or previous employer’s details including the contact name, address and telephone number. Candidates will be booked into a test centre by Training Plus at a location that is convenient for you. Please Note: Training Plus organise the online test only. Upon successful completion, you must call the CSCS helpline in order to pay for your card.


Do I need to pay for my training before I do it?

Yes you do, you can pay online when you book your course, or call 0845 872 3411 and pay with a credit card over the phone. Customers with credit terms, please call Training Plus to book your course on 0845 872 3411.

Are there any car parking spaces available?

Yes, there are a lot of FREE car parking spaces available in the area.

What accommodation is available?

There are a variety of hotels and B & B’s in the area. There is a list available to assist you with booking your stay.

Am I going to feel safe during my course participation?

Beside the fact that our staff and the environment of the school will make you feel happy and safe, CCTV is operating in most of the school’s areas.

I’m getting on a bit, is it like going back to school and will I feel out of place?

Not at all. A large percentage of our learners are mature students simply keeping up to date with current standards. Everybody is made to feel welcome in the centre.