Bucket Trucks, Part 1 £55 - Training Plus - Health & Safety Courses
Duration: 60 Minutes - £55 per course Certificate of Competence

Course Summary

The purpose of this course is to teach the major parts of a bucket truck, safety features commonly found on bucket trucks, and some of the pre-use inspections that can be made on a bucket truck. It is assumed that participants has no previous experience in operating bucket trucks. After completing the course, participants should practice operating the controls of a bucket truck under the supervision of experienced personnel. At the conclusion of this course, participants should be familiar with the major parts of bucket trucks. They should also be familiar with the basic types of bucket trucks, the boom controls, some of the common safety features and overrides, and some of the common pre-use inspections that can be performed on a bucket truck.

Upon a successful pass, you will be issued with a Printable Certificate of Competence valid for 1 Year.