Industrial Safety and Health - Electrical Equipment Safety £55 - Training Plus - Health & Safety Courses
Duration: 60 Minutes - £55 per course Certificate of Competence

Course Summary

Electrical Equipment Safety:- Grounding; Ground Faults; Fuses and Circuit Breakers; Portable Power Tools; Hazardous Electrical Locations; Basic Rules of Electrical Safety

• Define the term “ground fault” and explain how ground faults occur.
• Explain the importance of proper grounding.
• Explain the purpose and operation of the following devices: GFCI, fuse, circuit breaker.
• Explain the purpose of explosion-proof and intrinsically safe electrical equipment.
• Identify typical hazardous electrical locations.
• List at least two electrical safety rules in each of the following areas: clothing, equipment, water, lockout/tagout.

Upon a successful pass, you will be issued with a Printable Certificate of Competence valid for 1 Year.