Industrial Safety and Health - Introduction to Safety and Health £55 - Training Plus - Health & Safety Courses
Duration: 60 Minutes - £55 per course Certificate of Competence

Course Summary

Explains government involvement in ensuring a safe workplace. Discusses safety in various situations. Discusses personal protective equipment and fire safety. Includes expanded coverage of many health hazards. Covers ergonomics, environmental responsibility and importance of maintaining a safe work environment.

• Compare meanings of unsafe act and unsafe condition.
• Define the terms accident and hazard.
• List and define various types of accidents.
• List ways in which a company must plan for emergencies.
• Name and define the four main types of hazards.
• Name the three ways in which a toxic substance can enter your body.
• Tell the main reason for prompt accident investigation.

Upon a successful pass, you will be issued with a Printable Certificate of Competence valid for 1 Year.