Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER) £55 - Training Plus - Health & Safety Courses
Duration: 45 Minutes - £55 per course

Course Summary

Lifting Operations training is important for all personnel involved with any type of lifting activity. This e-learning course provides an overview of Lifting Operations in the oil and gas industry and the Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER). Included in the course are definitions of LOLER; the personnel to whom these regulations apply; what equipment is covered; the various rules and regulations; and planning and performing task- based risk assessments prior to undertaking lifting operations. This course was produced in partnership with lifting operations specialist, Sparrows Offshore.

• Define LOLER, its applications and the responsibilities associated with it
• Identify the equipment and accessories covered by LOLER
• State the training and competency standards for working under LOLER
• Identify the different categories of lifting operations
• Recall how lifts are planned
• Explain the importance of risk assessment
• Explain how permits, colour coding and certification are used to control lifts
• Identify lift restrictions
• Describe safe lifting practices
• Recognise the requirements for communications
• Recognise the controls associated with man riding
• Describe the need for supervision and pre-use checks
• Outline how to identify equipment that is fit for use or defective

Upon a successful pass, you will be issued with a Printable Certificate of Competence valid for 1 Year.