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TrainingPlus is a successful growing company and that means we are always seeking out new talent to join the team.

We are a strong, bold and positive company, so we need people with those very qualities! We are committed to investing in the right team – people with the skills and experience needed to deliver.

We have achieved so much already but we’ve no intention of standing still. We want to build a committed team with the motivation to drive forward towards new successes. It’s a team effort, but to work, that team needs to be made up of seriously talented people.

We are accepting applications for:

Please send all applications to:

HR Manager Ltd
Rosemount House
Annickbank Campus
Annick Road
Irvine KA11 4LF

Everything we do is about meeting customers’ needs with the very best solutions at the instant it’s needed – the best quality, the best prices, the best customer service, and always on time. If you are interested in delivering the best you might want to contact us. If you’re a people person with a sense of humour and plenty of energy you’ll fit in!

We are proud of our achievements and will continue to invest in our people and our know-how so our customers always get the very best experience. That means our staff benefit from a positive work environment, great training and no shortage of opportunities.