CPCS Renewal - Training Plus - Health & Safety Courses
1 day Competent Operator Card Renewal

Course Summary

The CPCS Renewal course is designed to check the knowledge relating to the categories of plant held by the delegate. A set of 15 randomly selected multiple-choice questions, known as a module, will be available for each category of plant or for a group of similar categories. Cardholders will need to pass each module in order to retain each category when renewing their Compentent Operator (Blue Card).

Each module has 15 randomly selected multiple choice questions, which need to be answered within 15 minutes.  Each module is plant specific and the questions are based on a range of topics and key knowledge expected of experienced plant operators and have been devised through consultation with plant-based employers and health and safety related data.

Cardholders will need to pass each module in order to retain each category when renewing their Competent Operator (Blue) card. There are cases where concessions apply to test bookings, in that a number of similar categories are held on a card, but only one module may need to be taken and passed. Upon successful completion of the CPCS Renewal course, delegates can apply to renew their Competent Operator Card for the categories previously held.

Who is it for?

All CPCS cardholders.

You will need

No equipment is required for this course.

Your skill level

Delegates can only renew the categories that they have previously been awarded.


Do I need to pay for my training before I do it?

Yes you do, you can pay online when you book your course, or call 0845 872 3411 and pay with a credit card over the phone. Customers with credit terms, please call Training Plus to book your course on 0845 872 3411.

How can I revise for the CPCS Renewal course?

There are a number of factsheets available to help you prepare for the renewal tests.

What happens if I do not pass the CPCS Renewal course?

If modules are not passed within a renewal test, the test must be re-booked at a later date.

What if I don’t wish to renew all my categories?

Providing at least one category has been renewed, categories not renewed will be banked (within the life of the new card) and may be added at a later date.