First Aid at Work 2 day refresher - Training Plus - Health & Safety Courses
2 days First Aid at Work Requalification Certificate

Course Summary

The First Aid at Work Requalification is to provide a renewal on a valid first aid at work certificate in order to comply with the current workplace Work and Safety Legislation.

The FAW Requalification training course consists of both theory and practical sessions which include:

  •     The role of first aider
  •     The contents of first aid kits and avoid cross infection
  •     Recording of accidents and incidents
  •     Assessing an emergency situation
  •     Carry out first aid to a person who:
  •     is unconscious (including seizures)
  •     requires CPR (cardio pulmonary resuscitation)
  •     is wounded is choking
  •     is bleeding
  •     is in shock has minor conditions, to include:
  •     minor cuts grazes and bruises
  •     minor burns and scalds
  •     small splinters
  •     Administer first aid to a casualty who:
  •     has injuries to bones has injuries to muscles, joints including suspected spinal injury
  •     Sudden poisoning
  •     Burns and Scalds
  •     Eye injuries
  •     Anaphylactic shock and use of auto injectors (Epipen)
  •     Recognise the presence of major illness and provide first aid including heart attack and use of aspirin, stroke epilepsy, asthma and diabetes.

There will be a short written and practical assessment at the end of the First Aid at Work Requalification training course. You will receive an approved suppliers First Aid at Work Requalification certificate valid for three years.

Who is it for?

Personnel who have to renew their current first aid at work certificate should take this course.

You will need

You do not need to bring any equipment to this First Aid at Work Requalification course.

Your skill level

You are required to have a current first aid at work certificate. You may renew your first aid at work certificate up to 90 days early with the unexpired portion on the certificate being added on to your new one.


Do I need to pay for my training before I do it?

Yes you do, you can pay online when you book your course, or call 0845 872 3411 and pay with a credit card over the phone. Customers with credit terms, please call Training Plus to book your course on 0845 872 3411.

Why does an employer need to have First Aiders?

Health and Safety (First-Aid) Regulations 1981 state that an employer is required to provide adequate and appropriate equipment, personnel and facilities to ensure their employees receive attention immediately if they are injured or taken ill at work. An employee who is injured or taken ill at work should receive immediate attention and this is the responsibility of the employer. In cases where there is a significant risk, persistent poor compliance with the law or a disregard for established standards, the HSE will prosecute.

What is a first aider?

Someone who has a qualification that the HSE approves of and has undertaken training can call themselves a first aider. This means that they must hold a valid certificate of competence in either: EFAW (emergency first aid at work) issued by a training organisation approved by HSE or a recognised Awarding Body of Ofqual/SQA (Scottish qualifications Authority).