Abrasive Wheels Awareness - Training Plus - Health & Safety Courses
£95pp Half Day Training Course Certificate of Completion

Course Summary

The Abrasive Wheels Awareness training course will provide delegates with the knowledge and practical skills needed to safely mount, dress, set and use Abrasive Wheels in compliance with the current Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 PUWER 98. The course also covers the whole range of Abrasive Wheels from the ones that fit onto bench grinders to small angle grinders and stihl saws, along with a thorough understanding of the hazards associated with the use of Abrasive Wheels. It is a legal requirement under The Provision of Use of Work Equipment 1998 (PUWER) that all staff who use Abrasive Wheels in the workplace receive Abrasive Wheels training in the safe use of tools and change of wheels.

Abrasive Wheels Awareness

The Abrasive Wheels Awareness training course consists of theory instruction including:-
  • The requirements of The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 with respect to abrasive wheels regulations.
  • Literature relating to the mounting of an abrasive wheel.
  • How hazards arise from the use of abrasive wheels and precautions which should be observed .
  • Making abrasive wheels as to type and speed.
  • Strong handling and transporting abrasive wheels including flanges, washes, brushes and nuts used in mounting and including knowledge of the correct and incorrect methods of assembling all components and correct balancing of abrasive wheels.


There will be a short written assessment at the end of the Abrasive Wheels Awareness training course. You will receive a Certificate of Completion after successful completion.

Who is it for?

Any personnel who are involved in the inspection, use and/or mounting of abrasive wheels should attend this training course.

You will need

No PPE required, this is a theory based course.

Your skill level

No formal qualifications or experience is necessary for the Abrasive Wheels training course.


What is an Abrasive Wheel?

An Abrasive Wheel is a cylinder, disk, wheel or cone which has abrasive particles designed to grind, cut, polish, etc.

Who needs to attend an Abrasive Wheels Awareness course?

Personnel who engage in inspecting or mounting abrasive wheels would benefit from this course. 

Who is the Accrediting Body?

None. This is a Non-Accredited course

Are there any car parking spaces available?

Yes, there are a lot of car parking spaces available in the area surrounding the training centre.

What accommodation is available?

There are a variety of hotels and B & B’s in the area. There is a list available to assist you with booking your stay.

Can you cater for students with special needs?

Yes, please make us aware of your requirements and we will do our best to provide the appropriate support.

Am I going to feel safe during my course participation?

Beside the fact that our staff and the environment of the school will make you feel happy and safe, CCTV is operating in most of the school’s areas

“I’m getting on a bit” Is it like going back to school and will I feel out of place?”

Not at all. A large percentage of our learners are mature students simply keeping up to date with current standards. Everybody is made to feel welcome in the centre.