Forklift - Rough Terrain / Masted Truck - Training Plus - Health & Safety Courses
5 days Lantra Certificate of Competence

Course Summary

The Lantra Forklift Rough Terrain Masted or Telescopic course is for anyone whoh uses or will be using a rough terrain mastered lift truck (pallet and bulk) in either the land-based or construction industry. The course will allow you to develop the skills and knowledge required giving you the confidence to operate it safely.

The Lantra Forklift Rough Terrain Masted or Telescopic Course agenda will include:-

  •     Introduction to lift truck
  •     Working principles of lift trucks
  •     Lift truck stability
  •     Undercutting
  •     Assessment of landing zone
  •     Starting and stopping the engine
  •     Starting and stopping the machine
  •     Basic driving and manoeuvring
  •     Operations with an empty pallet
  •     Handling loaded pallets up to a height of 1200mm
  •     What can go wrong
  •     Planning the operation
  •     Risk assessment
  •     Using an assistant (banksman)
  •     Daily and take-over maintenance checks
  •     Familiarisation with instruments and controls
  •     Stacking/Destacking loaded pallets at all heights
  •     Loading and unloading lorries and trailers
  •     Difficult platforms
  •     Rough terrain use

On successful completion of this theoretical and practical training course, trainees should be able to operate the machine safely and skilfully. They will have practiced manoeuvring the machine both unladen and laden in confined areas, stacked and de-stacked at various levels and will have been instructed in daily and pre-shift inpection and refuelling procedures. All trainees will also have undergone the appropriate theoretical and practical test of 'basic operating and skills and knowledge' as endorsed by the accrediting body.

Each successful delegate will receive Lantra Certificate of Competence.

Who is it for?

Personnel who will be responsible for the safe use of Rough Terrain Masted or Telescopic Forklift Trucks.

You will need
  •     Hard hat
  •     Steel toe-boots
  •     Protective glasses
  •     High-vis vest
  •     Gloves
Your skill level

Ideal for candidates with no operational experience who require full formal training in the use of lift trucks.


Do I need to pay for my training before I do it?

Yes you do, you can pay online when you book your course, or call 0845 872 3411 and pay with a credit card over the phone. Customers with credit terms, please call Training Plus to book your course on 0845 872 3411.

Who is the Accrediting Body?

The Forklift Course is accredited by LANTRA.

Are there any car parking spaces available?

Yes, there are a lot of FREE car parking spaces available in the area.

What accommodation is available?

There are a variety of hotels and B & B’s in the area. There is a list available to assist you with booking your stay.

Am I going to feel safe during my course participation?

Beside the fact that our staff and the environment of the school will make you feel happy and safe, CCTV is operating in most of the school’s areas.

I’m getting on a bit, is it like going back to school and will I feel out of place?

Not at all. A large percentage of our learners are mature students simply keeping up to date with current standards. Everybody is made to feel welcome in the centre.